What does myGeorge do?

UPDATE: August 2020

Since the unfortunate global situation we find ourselves in with COVID-19 we understand that local businesses need us NOW more than ever and therefore we have changed our business model to assist where we can.

As part of our goal at myGeorge to connect and promote businesses to prospective clients in and around George.

We understand that most Local Business owners are struggling to survive, let alone market themselves. We have decided to make our basic listings FREE for LOCAL businesses in an effort to connect local businesses to the community.

Users use myGeorge to find deals, explore services, events and promotions – now they can find you too!

How do I get involved?

We encourage people to support and review local businesses, services and places they’ve been to in the past or learn of through our platform.

We ask that,

1 – They are honest and upfront (Reviews are reviewed by the community moderators.)

2 – Detailed as possible, including photos.

3 – Have fun. Remember, if you do enough reviews and we like it, we have a surprise in store. But, more about that later!

Can anyone register to use your platform?

Yes, anyone can Sign Up  fast and free by means of Facebook or Google social login.

Simply Navigate to the top of our app > Menu  > SignIn / Sign Up

Select how you wish to sign up.
Please note: You do not have to sign up with *social media. (Facebook, Google)  
It is only suggested and used to save you time for your next visit to our platform.

Is connecting your Facebook & Google Safe?

Facebook & Google social logins are available on most reputable sites and allows for your data ie:

Your name  | Surname | e-mail 

You will be promted to give permission to myGeorge to use your details in creating your new profile.

Why should I use your platform?

Great Question! 

Exciting times lie ahead as we envision great growth potential as George continues to mature into a large City.

Our goal is to get you & others like you, to do business with professionals.
It saves time, money and eventually a whole economy – if we work together.

Your contribution towards supporting myGeorge is a step in the right direction to ensure a safer environment to do business online.


Can anyone do a review?

We encourage people to do reviews of businesses, services and places they’ve been to in the past.

We ask that,

1 – They are honest and upfront (Reviews are reviewed by the community moderators.)

2 – Detailed as possible, including photos.

3 – Have fun. Remember, if you do enough reviews and we like it, we have a surprise in store. But, more about that later!

How do I find professionals?

Searchbar –  When you open our website you will see a search page input bar.
Browsing – Browsing listings and categories you find exciting.
Reviews – By learning about a business or service via the experience others had.
Featured – By exploring things to do or featured services we promote.
*myGeorgeChat –  (Ask us if you really need to know).

Contacting us by good old email or phone and asking us if you REALLY cannot find what you think you should be finding.



Sign up your services / business.

Why join myGeorge as a business or service provider?

Our core reason for existence is to promote and feature professional service providers.

Signing up with myGeorge is more that just another business listing. Its a journey to improving the way customers experience your brand.

It helps you to;

Showcase your professional brand to targeted leads we generate from around the internet.
Benefit from professional services of a digital marketing agency to co-promote your services.

Offer your clients multiple ways to connect. ie: Facebook, Mail, Chat, Messenger,Whatsapp.
Promote your next special promotion by means of a Coupons, Deals and other promotions.
Accept client bookings.
– Show off your talent, craft, experience, diplomas, certificates, qualifications – menu, products, services.
– Update information in real time – ie: Your Profile, location, contact details, whatsapp, Facebook, Website 

– Run affordable ads on our platform to further enhance discovery of your services. 
Exclusivity – no free ads or listings. We list only the best, real professional people.

– Virtual Assistant (Artificial Intelligence) lead generation + messaging on multiple channels**

– Answer – Display Frequently Asked Questions on your listing.
– Hide competitors ads.

– Have your business or service featured. We send a team of professional photographers, writers, videographers and industry reviewers to write up a featured listing for you.  (Seperate Fees apply. Please contact us.)

Please note:
All our mentioned features are not available on all our listing packages. Please view our pricing page for more details.
** Virtual Agent – our virtual agent is a Artificial Inteligent Algorithm that assists users of our platform with questions via natural language processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. Our Agent is connected to a fully automated Live Agent System which makes lead generation automated.

Our assistant, called well, erm, George, will be live by the middle of April 2020 with some limited access to it via our social profiles.

 Contact us to learn more on how we could help your business. More information to follow as we roll out our platform to the public.


Can any business join?

Unfortunately not all businesses or services qualify for a listing on our platform.
Our criteria are as follow:

1 – South African ID

2 – Registered or Trading Business Entity with a visitable/registered (Fica) Address

3 – Both Owner/Manager *Video Call Identification. Only for Elite Plan.

4 – Businesses trading for longer than 12months. 

5 – Services rendered must comply with city byLaws, Laws, Privacy and Public Laws on and offline. We do retain the right to reject any submission or applications at our own discretion.

6.- a Website and or Facebook Fan Page (preference to a business with a larger community.)

– NO Mature or offensive material.

Too busy? We can set up your listing for under R200